Brick TV Premieres Sole Kings

Last night was the premiere of Sole Kings — a TV series that will be shown on Brooklyn’s very own, Brick TV, directed by award-winning film director, Micheal A Pickney.

Sole King follows the lives of five entrepreneurial sneaker enthusiasts, as they hustle their way through the world of sneaker culture, while trying to define who they are and make a name for themselves in the city’s competitive sneaker game. Micheal chose to make this from a perspective of his own relationships with different sneakerheads, as well as being very intrigued by the culture. Even though he isn’t a sneakerhead, he’s had love for the culture and the many stories told within it.


I spotted some heat on people’s feet during the event, but overall mostly a lot of cute shoes, which I’m also into!  A lot of people showed up last night, and the space was a great spot to view the premiere. I personally like how Michael chose to visually create this film. He uses great angles, and knows how to put a story together. On the flips side of the coin, there is the sneaker culture. Coming from a female POV, that’s well diverse in sneakers, and the people within the culture, I felt something missing.

It didn’t seem like they dug deep in researching the actual culture. Though I only watched two episodes, it felt very one sided — as far as leaning a lot towards the hypebeasts. I know the show is called Sole “Kings”, not Queens; which tells me off the back this is coming from a man’s perspective. There were certain scenes, that seemed very relatable towards the people of today, that call themselves a sneakerhead. Meaning, the ones that literally don’t care about what the correct name of the sneaker is, if its retro’d, what material it is, they just got to have that sneaker! Though this is not the ONLY type of sneakerhead, but this is how the term “sneakerhead” became a derogatory name. I feel like it takes away from the culture on how it began.

Getting introduced to characters like, the two sneaker hustlers, and the sneaker store owner, you would think at least one of them would be well rounded in their sneaker knowledge. Someone referred to a sneaker calling it the “Jordan SB” . Right then I could tell neither one of them had the slightest clue. I was really looking forward to seeing that one person that knows their kicks, inside and out.

Enough complaining though. Overall, it’s nice to see something different, that still can relate to the sneaker industry. I’m also still interested in seeing the rest of the series. I can’t wait to see how the female character ends up being portrayed!

Until then… I’m signing off.

— The picky female sneakerhead, Laced Heiress.


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