#Throwback : Ewing — The Original “Big Baller Brand”

How did we all forget about Patrick Ewing and Ewing Athletics amongst all the talk of LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand?

Ewing Athletics! The first basketball athletic company to be owned and operated by a professional basketball player.

In 1989 Patrick Ewing alongside his agent David Falk launched Ewing Athletics. After leaving his deal 1 million a year deal with Adidas, Ewing couldn’t have made a better move.

David Falk to GQ: “They were iconic, not like Air Jordans, necessarily, but iconic. Look today at someone like Dwight Howard, arguably the best center in the game: His shoes sell $5 million. John Wall with Adidas: $5 million. Ewing sold $100 million in 1990, 25 years ago.”

28.6 PPG  |  11 RBS  |  4 BLK  |  .551 FG% 

… while wearing the infamous 33 HI in his 1989-90 season.

Reluctant to re-release due to the “shady” fall out with distributor Next Sports, Ewing Athletics eventually yielded to it’s growing fanbase revival. It quietly relaunched in it’s New Jersey hometown, then America through 33 outlets, then Nationwide Officially in 2012.

Homage is paid from past and present celebrities and icons. The Ewing Athletics were and still are a staple and model within Basketball, Hip Hop, and Black Economics.


Written by “Supa”

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