Females IncorpHERated, Straight to the Feet

Back in the summertime at a sneaker event hosted by OSD (shoutout to Sean) in NYC; my eyes kept wondering over to these two ladies. Their sneakers kept meeting my eyes which caused me to finally walk over towards them. Since it was a sneaker event, I wanted to tell them about my #SheOwnsTheCrown campaign, and see what they were about. Come to find out, they (Brittany and Khiana) just started a company called Incorp[HER]ated, and were into the same things I was: sneakers, female empowerment, and design. They spoke about a female panel of ladies, who work in the industry, and want to inspire other females that are into kicks. This was right up my alley! I got to sit and talk with them about how they came to organize their first event, “Straight to Feet” , happening this weekend November 18th, and their process of creating Incorp[HER]ated. If this sounds up your “alley” as well check out what they have to say below.

When did Incorp[HER]ated start, and what fueled you to take a serious leap to start your business?

[Brittany]: Incorp[HER]ated started in Feb/Mar of 2017, and we were motivated by two main things — seeing previous ideas we had come to life by others, and it’s “Make it Happen 2017!”

[Khiana]: We’ve been friends since middle school and we’ve always had ideas for events, products, etc., but never made the push to actually do it. Recently we started to see people doing, successfully, exactly what we had thought of in previous years. So this time around, we knew we had to go for it. Our overall mission is to increase the representation of women in the male dominated sphere.

What can we expect to experience from this upcoming event, Straight to Feet?
This event consists of a workshop and a discussion panel.

From the Panel: hearing about the industry from some of the women who are really in it. We are really excited to have an all female panel. Some of them are in roles that many people don’t even know exist. For the workshop:  we hope to give kids an opportunity, we didn’t have, to connect their interests and passions with career goals. Not to say we didn’t have any sort of career development resources, but they were all so traditional – focused on engineering, medicine, finance, etc. No one ever told us that we could study something as technical as industrial design and work at Nike. We didn’t know how to merge our technical and creative sides in high school, and we hope that we can show these kids more about what they can really do. We’re really excited to see what they come up with.

Can you name any guest appearances that will be attending your event, and briefly describe who they are?
We have some really awesome panelists who have worked for or with brands you know.

  • Jazerai Allen – Lord (Crush & Lovely)
  • Alessandra Gold (Kruzin Footwear)
  • Alissa Nevita (For the Kick of It)
  • Erin Mintun (Formerly Cole Haan and Nike)
  • Joy Yoon (Adidas)

These are all women who have had different impacts and roles within the sneaker industry from material design to marketing and management. In terms of what our guest list looks like, it’s honestly going to be a surprise to us as much as you! We have some interesting folks who have RSVP’d but we’ll see who shows out – don’t want to jinx it!

In the past few years, many types of female oriented businesses have popped up within the sneaker community. What are your thoughts or views on females in the industry? Do you think it’s getting better as a whole? What do you want to see more of?

It would be more than pessimistic to look at the industry and say strides aren’t being made, but as usual, there’s room for growth. Women are really working to shift the industry and the impacts have been noticeable. It’s worth noting that the positive reception of all these female focused initiatives serves as additional motivation for companies to continue focusing on women, and seeing us as a more integral part of their market. It’s exciting to see some of the things that Nike, has done this year in sneakers and sportswear in general with their International Girls Crew collab, releasing the first performance hijab and Aleali May’s Jordan 1 release — one of the first woman designed shoes I’ve seen guys really going hard to cop. We want more industry leading women to become household names, like Ronnie Fieg and Jeff Staple. It would be so nice to not have to worry about big releases being just in men’s sizes – “shrink it and pink it” needs to go!!! That’s not what we want! Just give us what you give the guys, but smaller.

Was there a particular sneaker or a memory that got you into sneakers?
[Brittany]: Admittedly, there’s nothing specific I can remember besides music videos. There was nothing cuter to my middle school self, than one of those cropped zip up hoodie things from Lot29 and some Air Force 1s.
[Khiana]: As much as I hate to admit it, it was definitely my older brother that sparked my interest in sneakers. I saw the pairs that he would buy and talk about and eventually I grew my own interest. The first specific pair of sneakers I remember asking for was a pair of high-top, all black, Air Force 1s. My mom gave my brother money to go out to Jamaica Ave., and buy me a pair. They lasted FOREVER and stayed in pretty good condition until I outgrew them!

What type of sneakers do you mainly have in your closet: athletic, casual, fancy/high-end?
[Brittany]: Oh, athletic and casual only. I’m still trying to get into the high-end thing – it looks too much like the rich stealing from the poor for me to be down with; it’s a personal problem. I like really simplistic designs that are super clean and make a statement and I am a sucker for all whites and gum bottoms.
[Khiana]: Same. The majority of my sneakers are athletic and I have a couple of casual pairs that I really love. Shoutout to the Solange and Puma collab from 2015. I lean towards simple designs or technical designs. I’m really not one for glitter, sparkles or any kind of studs on my sneakers. I have an appreciation for some of the high-end styles that have come out recently
(time will tell if I get into the chunky shoe trend), and I really like the Balenciaga Speed Socks but the way my wallet is set up…

What sneaker do you consider the most comfortable sneaker that you have worn this year?
[Brittany] Oh wow, hard question….it pains me to say, because I am a Nike girl, but my NMDs are just too comfy.

[Khiana]: Easily the Acronym Prestos, they feel like they’re hugging my feet every time I put them on.

Is there a sneaker you are looking forward to see anyone wearing at your event?
[Brittany]: I want to see someone in the new Nike SB Dunk low Pigeons. Dunks are making a comeback and my 16 year old self is so here for it.
[Khiana]: I’m always a fan of seeing the Acronym Lunar Force 1s on foot, definitely not something I see often.
[Brittany]: Oh yes! I love those; I second that.

If you haven’t RSVP’d already click here. This event is free and full of goodies! Hope to see you there… I know I’ll be in the building!

If you have any further questions about this event, please contact the organizer at incorpHERated@gmail.com


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