Laced Heiress is about staying fresh, and owning your crown. Not many ladies within the sneaker or design industry, get their voices heard or their art appreciated. We are here to highlight that! Not only do we love to highlight awesome things relating to sneakers and design, we like to aim towards the interest of females too.

It’s all about community, and experiencing¬†a feeling we all can relate to.

Laced Heiress tells stories that bring you back to that time when you first set eyes on those pair of kicks, that stayed on your mind all day & night. We also offer one-of-a-kind products, since we are all about showcasing creativity through custom and collectable items, exclusively for the ladies!

As an ‘heiress’, we want our customers to feel and be treated, as if they are a part of our royal family. I don’t know about you, but rocking a new pair of kicks, makes me feel just as good as getting a new cute hairstyle or finding money on the ground. We want you to feel great!

Join our movement of self expressions, while we excite, educate, and expose the beauty in the artistic realm of sneakers.