Besides sneakers, designing is my overall passion! Give me the means to make something, the right tools to create it and voila… you’ve got yourself a creation designed by yours truly, Quoy!

To know Quoy (pronounced: Kio), is to know more about her two main passions: design and sneakers! If she wasn’t constantly asking her parents to buy shoes, she was asking for things that allowed her to create; she’s an early master of DIY pre YouTube era! As long as she can remember, she’s always loved shoes! As soon as she was able to start working, she decided to work at a sneaker store, since her parents weren’t buying the sneakers she wanted. She became obsessed with sneakers, spending all her checks on the latest releases. Besides being comfortable, Quoy grew to love sneakers


coming from a design point of view. Loving the stories and inspirations that provoked the sneaker designs sold, she started to realize that a lot of the sneakers she wanted, never really came in her size, and the women’s selection just wasn’t her cup of tea.

Laced Heiress was born over a conversation about sneaker releases that don’t come in many sizes that girls wear. She was telling her longtime friend (that’s also into sneakers) about how there aren’t enough females designing sneakers for females. The convo concluded the need for a female sneaker platform. Laced Heiress would like to fill that void to show women’s creativity and style, especially when it comes to sneakers, since we don’t really see that many groups highlighting us ladies within the sneaker community.